DeFi Tech Ltd. (DeFi for short and DefiLabs brand) is a creator and supplier of interactive floor, wall, table, cave systems for presentation, advertising and entertainment systems.DeFi gives media companies, advertisers, event and exhibition organizers the ability to display digital contents in various public locations, including museums, science centers, amusement parks, tradeshows, retail locations, bars & nightclubs, real estate presentation centers, corporate showrooms, boardrooms and airports.DeFi pays attention not only to the technical part, but also cooperation with clients. We are totally oriented on customers and claim our aim to build strong partnerships. We are constantly improving skills, offering decisions, which go ahead of market's requests, for successful achievement of the set purposes.  
  As the first brand of multimedia interactive industry in China, Defilabs has been engaged in multimedia interactive industry for more than 10 years and is the top multimedia planning and implementation organization in China. It has industry-leading R & D / creative / construction personnel; more than 20000 cases, the company with the most successful cases in the industry. Defilabs has the top products in the multimedia interactive industry. There are physical displays in the exhibition experience center of defilabs. Customers can visit and experience many high-tech multimedia interactive display technologies and products at defilabs without leaving home. Products exported to 110 different countries
  Defi uses advanced C + + 3D projection technology to project interactive content on the ground, wall, desktop, glass window, curtain, LED screen, etc. with changeable light and shadow effects, combined with ar Augmented Reality Technology and 3D technology engine, it realizes an interactive game integrating entertainment and sports. Create a perfect visual effect, such as immersive.When people walk on the ground, the ground projection game will be captured by the sensing device, which will have a magical effect. It is full of fun. It upgrades the ordinary ground into an interface with many interactive games, and various interactive effects will change accordingly, allowing users to enter a wonderful world of virtual and real integration, truth and illusion.  
Interactive Virtual E-book, also known as Projection E-book, electronic E-book, interactive E-book, E-book software, air E-book, air E-book, automatic E-book, magic E-book, three-dimensional E-book, virtual E-book, virtual e-book, etc., is one of the interactive products in virtual reality series of Nanjing Defi Software Technology Co., Ltd.
There is a opened virtual book on the desktop. When the audience reaches for the action of turning the book, they will be surprised to find that the virtual book can actually turn the page, displaying the lifelike dynamic page turning effect with sound effect. While marveling at the magical virtual technology, the audience is bound to be interested in the content of the book. It has good interactivity and is a high-tech product for exhibition hall multimedia content display.
Product Usage


It was designed for use as information point of trade shows and events, digital signage solution in shops and hotel lobbies, multi-media teaser in book stores as an authenticaly designed information system for sensible original books in museums and exhibitions as well as an elegant moderation and presentation desk.

interactive ebook
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